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Bangalore Marathon 2014

18th May 2014

NeoBytes Runners participated for the 4th time in Bangalore Marathon and marked success by completing 10Km run within time limit.

The participants were : Devaiah N C, Phani Bhushan, Shiv Kumar, Suresh S, Amit Singh, DilipSinh Rathod, Hemamalini Sivarapu, Shivaprasad Nayak, Shreedath Gowda, Ranjith N R, Sindhu S, Kuldeep Sharma, Rajib Mohanty, Sharad Mali, Nishma Bolwar, Chetan Nellekeri, Uma Chakrakody, Suma Annegowda, Vijith Gurijila, Shreekanth Govindappa