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Half Yearly Event - 2014 Eagleton Resorts, Bangalore

Date: 28 Jun 2014

NeoBytes India celebrated Half Yearly Event at Eagleton Golf resort located on outskirts of Bangalore. The first half of the day was loaded with lots of team building games giving an opportunity to relax and chill out. On the other half was the line of fun filled events from the event management team teaching us team spirit and organizational ethics.

The evening was bestowed with managerial updates and thought full speeches from our esteem chairs and Human Resource’s Desk. Our Director Mr Ananda, addressed us, and showed a glimpse of organizational roadmap. Followed by Rewards and Recognition program appreciating the efforts and contributions. The Theme was set to “Retro Style” followed by a series of retro performances and retro shows which set the stage and packed the evening with tons of fun.

The night was dispersed with the memories of fun and learning from management, which was then taken back home.