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Q1 Event – Jan to March 2015

The first quarter 2015 opened with Women’s day celebration and Holi Woman’s day ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women to celebrate for women's economic, political, and social achievements. Entrance area was decorated by Neo-men to welcome Neo-women. The Neo-men made the day special to each Neo-woman greeting them with beautiful flower bouquets, and with the gifts as token of appreciation. Also, the cake cutting ceremony was arranged followed by Treasure Hunt Game. That’s not it!! the evening of Neo-women continued to be special as the women team headed to bowling and snacks, where all enjoyed and the same was followed with a photo session.

Holi, the festival of Colors' made the NeoBytes turn colorful with different colors which led to the celebration of Holi. Sweets were distributed to all NeoBians , followed by the Holi Competition. The Holi-songs played on Neo-Radio throughout the day kept the feel of Holi alive among the employees. Evening, NeoBians played Holi, and to make the event more colorful, there were refreshments and Music/ Dance arranged for all NeoBians. Altogether it was a Splendid colourful evening!!!