NeoBytes ensures compliance is met to strengthen internal controls and reduce the risk of improper transactions.

Policy and Procedure

Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy and Procedures
NeoBytes conducts business in an honest, ethical manner and has zero-tolerance approach to corruption & bribery. We are committed to implement and enforce effective systems to counter bribery and corruption at any level. We remain bound by the laws of the US, India and UK, including the Bribery Act 2010, with respect to our conduct both at home and abroad. read more
Business Resumption Plan
NeoBytes has structured Business Resumption Plan which defines primary responsibilities of the team to enable their resources to support the corporate recovery effort and to activate their recovery procedures.
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Code of Business Ethics
Since inception, NeoBytes has been committed to the fair and ethical practices to maintain public confidence and trust. We are committed to meet those standards without compromise. We demonstrate this commitment by showing honesty, respect, responsibility, services, compliance, confidentiality, diversity and accountability.
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Corporate Risk Management
NeoBytes believes risk taking is a necessary and accepted part of our business. Effectively managing risk is a competitive necessity and an integral part of creating value through good business practices. read more
Operational Org Chart
Organization chart depicts the reporting structure at NeoBytes. read more
Organization Security & Facilities Guidelines
This policy emphasizes on our Security Management with follow in terms of Physical assets, team members, Information & Network security. read more
SLA’s with Client
This document details on warranty for development we offer to our clients, SLAs based on severity and resolutions for the same. read more