Enterprise Architecture Services
Define the Application Framework
Based upon the business requirements and expected functionalities, we recommend the best suited Application Framework. NeoBytes has indepth expertise and specializes in understanding Pros/Cons of various Enterprise technologies and which one fits best for a given project. During this process, NeoBytes team evaluates all available technologies and recommends a Project Architecture/Framework, which leverages both Custom as well as "Ready to use" frameworks available in market We advise clients on the advantages as well as pitfalls of using existing matured Frameworks v/s newer untested Frameworks and implications related to Time to Market, Maintainability, Scalability, Portability and Risk.
Feasibility Study using Proof Of Concepts (POC)
We strongly believe that a Proof of Concept is the ideal way to see how a Custom-built Software solution can achieve Business goals. It is primarily a rapidly developed Prototype that demonstrates how an actual solution would operate in a client's business environment. It's primary goal is to prove to the client how their Project goals will be achieved, both technologically and business wise. Clients can visualize the final solution and ensure that their functional and targeted non-functional goals are met, before making future decisions.
Architecture /IT effectiveness Assessment
This is a 8 to 10 weeks' assessment of any existing Application or Business process, whereby NeoBytes team will assess and recommend key Strategies and/or Roadmaps that help the Client in improving Maintainability, Usability and Performance of their applications.
Define strategies for Application Performance and Security.
All Security and Performance related issues are evaluated and recommendations are provided and implemented
Provide Design / Programming Principles and Guidelines.
Identify reusable components like custom tags and utilities. Provide clearly documented Guidelines and Developer guides that recommend Industry standard coding practices. These serve as key inputs to project resources who are tasked with Governance of Framework/Design/Code artifacts throughout an Application's and/or Projects' Lifecycle.