NeoBytes is hiring now, Being a motivated player in the market we look forward for fast paced peronnel

We provide our employees challenging environment with professional learning and growth. To support our aggressive growth plan, we are currently looking for committed professionals to join our offshore center in Bangalore


Project Lead - Major P&C Insurer
A year and half ago, these bright guys from NeoBytes proposed something entirely different. I knew as soon as I saw it, this was everything that we had ever wanted to accomplish....but could we really do it? I knew I had more enthusiasm for this project than I'd had for any project I'd ever seen. But could we do it? would be fast, accurate, simple, easy....everything you could ask for...but could we really do it?
There aren't enough good words and congratulations that we can give to NeoBytes team for the incredible job you've done....and continue to do. And I can say that I've never had more fun, or ever had more confidence in working with a group of people who are at the top of their profession. There doesn't seem to be any problem, big or small, that you guys can't overcome.
Director - Major P&C Insurer
It was fun working with your team to take a concept to an actual product. Your great idea s that actually made the project happened. If you have not had the idea it probably would have never gotten off the ground. The professionalism of making sure that the daily work is successfully completed every day is wonderful! This has been a very clean and well designed product based on a very small budget. Because of the great work, it is being pushed to have the next version
I really want to thank each of you for helping make us successful. It is great having a smart partner that cares.
Project Manager - Major P&C Insurer
NeoBytes resources demonstrated superior professionalism by understanding the processes, display of necessary traits to accomplish job duties, prompt responses to inquires etc. It took little or no involvement from my side to run a large group which is not possible without their commitment.
Very glad to work with them and will look forward for opportunities in the future.